Message From Your Future Self (Motivational Speech)

This is a message from the FUTURE YOU. One of only TWO future’s you can CHOOSE.

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Narrated by The Julianno for Fearless Motivation | Music Composed by Emil Nilsson

LYRICS: Message From Your Future Self (Motivational Speech)

Dear current self,
 this is the future you,
 one of only two…
 YOU can choose

You see… who you BECOME is chosen by only ONE… YOU. You get to decide… If you live with regret… or instead with PRIDE.

You decide EVERY SINGLE DAY with EVERY choice you make… with every ACTION you take.

So, I’m begging you, the current me… to sacrifice, to work hard… to DREAM… to NEVER GIVE UP, to NEVER GIVE IN.. to give everything until your dying day. To fight for your potential in EVERY WAY.

I’m begging you to choose ME
the one you WANT TO BE!
The one who DARED TO DREAM!
The one who lived his fullest potential
The one who mastered his mental
The one who gave absolutely EVERYTHING
To live the kind of life MOST ARE MISSING

You are going to have to DIG DEEP.
You are going to have to practice what you preach… to WORK HARD, to SACRIFICE… to live with INTEGRITY… TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT…

I didn’t say what is EASY… that won’t get you ANYWHERE GREAT… See, greatness comes with EFFORT. Put in the work, for your FUTURE’S SAKE.

I’m begging you to do this for YOU
The you, you COULD BECOME

PRIDE is what it’s all about
It’s not easy.
It’s a long RIDE…
but there is no greater gift
Than knowing you earned that PRIDE

So get out there and EARN IT, FIGHT FOR IT, SACRIFICE FOR IT, DREAM IT, SPEAK IT… but most importantly: LIVE IT… EVERY SINGLE DAY so you don’t have to say: “I wish things had turned out a different way”

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