Believe (You Gotta) Official Lyric Video – Fearless Motivation

“If you can truly believe in yourself – ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”

Believe (You Gotta) Official Lyric Video – Fearless Motivation

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BELIEVE (You Gotta) – Copyright: Fearless Motivation
Written and performed for Fearless Motivation by Alpha | 
Music Composed by Shawn Barnes for Fearless Motivation

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LYRICS: Believe (You Gotta) Official Lyric Video – Fearless Motivation

Once I
Taste success, I’ll make it mine
Don’t want to face regrets and pain so I
Work 24/7 round the clock ‘cause I
Consciously made a choice to never stop
What I’m doing

I hardly dream nowadays I just pursue ‘em
Never dropping pace when I’m moving
If I had a dollar for every time somebody called me a nuisance
I would drown in the money, clueless
‘Bout what a goal is, surrounded by bad omens

You have to be broken to heal and build your shoulders
Every bad moment is a blessing and curse
With a lesson that is worth more than you could ever know it
Slow it down rethink every thought
If your dreams weren’t meant to be then why would they come
To your mind? Walk or crawl if you can’t run
A battle might be lost but war – it isn’t done

You gotta, you gotta… You really gotta..

Bruised in pain but mood seduces gains
So I move with a huge smile on my face
I had some filthy obsessions but hope removed stains
Now I’m obsessed with success beyond monetary gain
I voluntarily stay working every hour of the day
‘Till I pass out but if I could I wouldn’t ever lay
Down to sleep, I’m from where you have to escape
‘Cause only for so long you have the strength to remain sane
And maintain your calm with melee disarmed

I ain’t gonna live from payday till tomorrow
They say I’m lost, I say they’re wrong
‘Cause they just can’t see the path I’m trying to walk
I don’t take it to heart, their eyes, they can’t see
So they disguise blind spots in words aimed at me
A mouth gets bigger when it’s threatened by defeat
Future doesn’t care ‘bout opinions, only facts and belief

If there was just one thing that life taught me… then that would be that the key ingredient to achieving your dream is how much you believe. Now, what separates a winner from everybody else is not the amount of luck that he has, not anything else… but how much he believed

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