5 Ways To Get Out Of A Rut! (Motivational Video)

5 Ways To Get Out Of A Rut! (Motivational Video)

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5 Ways To Get Out Of A Rut! (Motivational Video) – Copyright: Fearless Motivation
Speaker: Freddy Fri

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Transcript – 5 Ways To Get Out Of A Rut! (Motivational Video)

Wouldn’t it be great if life always worked in our favor? Wouldn’t it be great if everything went our way? If we only had only highs and no lows. If we achieved and never failed. If we were happy and never sad? Wouldn’t it be great?

No it wouldn’t. You would never learn and you would never grow.

We all experience pain, setbacks and we all go through periods where we take a step backwards instead of forwards… Sometimes bad choices, bad habits or bad luck knock us down… the question is, are you going to stay down, or are you going to dig your way out of that rut?

Here are 5 ways to snap yourself out of a big rut!

Number 1: Get Disgusted!

Yes that is right. Get disgusted. In many cases being kind to yourself is just about the worst thing you can do if you are DOWN and want REAL CHANGE.

If your body and health is not where you want it to be… get disgusted enough that you will force yourself to change. Don’t try and cover it up… take photos of all the worst angles… show the photos to a trainer… get body fat measurements… write down all the reasons why you will not accept this ever again in your life.

If your finances are not where you want them to be… don’t blame anyone but yourself… if you’re blaming others you have no reason to change, do you??

Whatever is not good enough in your life: WRITE IT DOWN. Write it down, and then write WHY you will never accept this in your life again.

Write down “This is the lowest point in my life and NEVER AGAIN will I be at this level.”

From this moment on set a new standard for your life. Write in great detail where you will be a year from now in each of these areas that are currently unacceptable to you.


The reason most people get in a rut in the first place is because they had NO CLARITY about where they were going.

If you don’t know where you’re going you’ll never end up where you want to be!

PLAN FOR THE LIFE YOU WANT and WORK FOR IT. Set clearly defined goals, with clear dates to achieve them, for every single area of your life that matters to you!


Another reason people can end up in a big dark hole is that they don’t have a strong enough REASON to achieve in that area.

WHY? WHY must you do this? Who will it impact if you reach your potential in this area?

HOW will you feel WHEN you become this person?


I’m sorry, but if you want a great life, you’re not going to get it if you surround yourself with average people. If you surround yourself with drainers, your life will be drained of almost all it’s potential. Your environment matters!

In Napoleon Hills book “Outwitting the devil” he states:

“Thought-habits are stimulated by environmental influences, in other words, the material on which thoughts are fed comes from ones environment”
He says: “The most important part of one’s environment is that created by his association with others. All people absorb and take over, consciously or unconsciously, the thought-habits of those with whom they associate closely”

In other words: if you value quality of life: SURROUND YOURSELF WITH QUALITY PEOPLE.

If you want to raise your standards in any area: surround yourself with people who have those standards already. If you can’t find them immediately in person, follow them online, immerse yourself in books and audio on the subjects. You don’t have to have in-person surroundings. Immerse yourself in whatever teachings you need to get you where you must get to!

Number 5: KNOW that you deserve this!

Many people never fight their way out of that dark place because they feel unworthy.

The universal feeling of unworthiness must end, and in your bloodline it must end with YOU!

Be the one who knows their worth! Be the one strong enough to show everyone around you what a fully lived life looks like. Show everyone what a life looks like when you really fulfill your potential in life. When you no longer accept average. Average health. Average finances. Average emotions. Average anything!

Your life can change forever in this very moment. Make that decision!

Make a plan and stick to that plan! Love yourself enough to seek your greatest potential! Never stop that search!

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