They Won’t Know – But You Will (Motivational Speech)

They Won’t Know But You Will (Motivational Speech)

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They Won’t Know – But You Will (Motivational Speech) – Copyright: Fearless Motivation
Speaker: William Hollis

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Transcript – They Won’t Know – But You Will (Motivational Speech)

When no one is watching… that is your opportunity to GROW. That is your opportunity to put in the work that will SHOCK THE WORLD.

How to know for sure if someone is going to be successful or not? I can give it to you in one question… What do you do when no one is watching? Because what you do, when no one is watching will most likely define where you end up in life.

Do you work for praise, or do you work for PRIDE? When no one is watching… Do you work for PRAISE or do you work for PRIDE!

They won’t know if you’ve done the work or not… but YOU WILL.
 They won’t know… but you WILL!
 You are the one who lives with the PRIDE or the REGRET.

If you haven’t put in the work… and you don’t make it… YOU have to live with that. NO ONE ELSE.
 If you’ve been out partying when you should have been WORKING… when you LOSE… That’s on YOU!

If you’ve been taking it easy when you should have been LEARNING and GROWING… when YOU FAIL… YOU have to live with that.

You can talk all you like… but the PROOF IS IN THE RESULTS!
 When it’s SHOWTIME… your work will show.

Don’t work for the accolades! WORK FOR THE PRIDE! Don’t work for recognition…. WORK FOR YOUR PRIDE! WORK FOR YOUR GROWTH! Fall in love with the PROCESS!
 The process of GROWTH.

Your only competition is YOU. Where you’ve been VS where you’re GOING!
 Who you WERE VS who you’re going to BE!

I’ve heard it said that you are rewarded in public for the work you do in private. The medals are won IN THE DARKNESS when no one is watching! The championship is won behind closed doors, by doing the WORK when NO ONE is watching. The RESULTS are achieved by the little details NO ONE SEES. Who you are going to BE does not come down to what others SEE. Every little detail counts!

Don’t measure yourself against others.

Don’t look to see who’s watching your progress! If you’re making BIG ENOUGH progress they’ll ALL be watching!

Until you get to that point, get your head down and WORK FOR THE LOVE OF WORKING!


Because TODAY… TODAY A NEW YOU IS BORN! This new you does not need validation from ANYONE! This new YOU is only after GROWTH


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