You Get What You Focus On – Motivational Video Ft. Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu explains how we get what we FOCUS on.

You Get What You Focus On – Motivational Video Ft. Tom Bilyeu – WATCH ON YOUTUBE:

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Speaker: Tom Bilyeu

Transcript: You Get What You Focus On – Motivational Video Ft. Tom Bilyeu

The world is an ugly and desolate place, at least if that’s what you focus on.

Here’s the reality. You’re gonna get what you focus on. And if you choose to see what’s wrong, if you choose to see what’s broken, if you choose to see all of the things that are bad, then they’re going to be exaggerated. You’re gonna see them everywhere.

If you choose to see the ugly in this world, you will literally be buried in it. But if you choose to see beautiful, if you choose to see potential, if you choose to see the things that are right, then all of the sudden you’re gonna be surrounded by that.

And this is one of those things that no matter how much I say it people don’t really understand the power of focus. If you put your time and energy into what you decide to see, the world will change.

There’s literally a region of your brain that determines whether what you’re looking at is good or bad, positive or negative, but you can take control of that. Nothing has to happen by accident. You can literally shape the world before your eyes. Think about this. The brain is encased in total darkness. Light never touches your brain.

The movements of the air that we think of a sound never actually reach your brain. Everything hits your eye, your ear, and they’re translated into electrical and chemical signals. And from that you construct a reality. But the truth is you’re living in the matrix right now. Even if this is not a computer simulation and we’re really here, your brain is still creating a reality, it’s determining what you see.

Now the question is, how much of that are you going to let happen by accident and how much are you going to take control?

And once you decide to take control and start constructing optimism, positivity, all the sudden, you’re going to have more energy to attack things because you believe that they’re going to happen for you, and belief is ultimately the most powerful thing that you can have. If you believe that your time and attention is going to be rewarded, if your efforts are going to result in improvement, then all the sudden you don’t have to worry about whether you’re good. You only have to worry about how much time and energy you’re willing to put into something.

And once that’s the equation, once you’re the eternal learner, once your identity and your self-esteem is entirely wrapped up in getting good, in becoming great, then you’ll make progress because you’re not tripping over self-loathing. You’re not tripping over hating who you are or what your capable of. You’re not worried about what you were or weren’t born with. Once you get out of that trap, and you start thinking about your potential, and you start thinking about what you can become, that’s when the world opens up to you. But it all comes down to what you focus on.

So you’ve got to be very careful about what you allow yourself to see. And yes, it is a choice. And the question you have to ask right now is what choice are you making? What things are you deciding to see?

What is your world created of? Once you take control of that process, then potential becomes limitless. But first, you have to know that it all begins with focus.

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